Your Guide To Pompano Beach Air Duct Cleaning And Air Conditioning

Your Guide To Pompano Beach Air Duct Cleaning And Air Conditioning
Your Guide To Pompano Beach Air Duct Cleaning And Air Conditioning

A Pompano Beach air conditioning unit is one of the most efficient ways to cool your home. If you do not have a system in your home, you can currently receive government tax credits for installing an energy star approved unit. Many homeowners do not understand how their air conditioner works, but the basics are quite simple. Your Pompano Beach air conditioning actually works like a refrigerator. Your AC unit does not work by pumping cold air into your home. Instead, its primary function is to draw hot air out. The hot air is drawn out of your home by means of a chemical refrigerant. This is similar to how a Pompano Beach heat pump works, except that those can both heat and cool your home.

How Your AC Works

When your AC unit is turned on, the refrigerant enters

the compressor, which is usually located at the bottom of your unit. As the refrigerant enters the compressor it

changes from a cool gas to a warm gas under high pressure. Next, the gas refrigerant passes through the condensing coils, which are the outside coils. At this point the refrigerant becomes cool. Then, the refrigerant can travel to a coil inside your home, and absorb the hot air that is passed by the cooling coils by means of your duct work. The hot

air in your home enters the duct work by means of an air intake. If your unit malfunctions, air conditioning repair will probably be necessary. Pompano Beach air duct cleaning can help your unit to function efficiently. You can ask your air conditioning repair provider for more information or contact a local duct work cleaning service.

Pompano Beach Air Duct Cleaning Basics

If your cooling element is covered in dirt, it will not be able to perform at its best. A dirty element has a lower heat exchange rate. This means that your air conditioning needs to be operating longer in order to cool your house to the temperature that your family finds comfortable. This also effects your Pompano

Beach furnace as well. The longer your air conditioning runs, the more it costs to operate. Dirty duct work can cost you money. Many homeowners do

not realize that their system is too dirty until they need air conditioning repair. Pompano Beach air

duct cleaning is affordable, and can also help your family’s health. Duct work cleaning services can help prevent irritating dust from entering the air when you turn on your AC. You should only work with a reputable Pompano Beach air duct cleaning service. They should be AC experts and should make sure that your home actually needs Pompano Beach air duct cleaning before they begin to work.

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